Cerakote USA will handle your project with the utmost care and provide the highest quality finish. We are absolutely confident in our 30 years of experience in the coatings industry, and that we offer the very best in meticulous surface preparation and coatings application.

Cerakote USA offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and an unconditional warranty against peeling, chipping, cracking or flaking of the oven cured Elite series and oven cured H series Cerakote finish.

One thing you do need to keep in mind, with prolonged use, the coating will wear and this warrantee does not cover normal wear and tear, it will not cover item damage, abuse or misuse. We only warrant coatings applied by Cerakote USA. Cerakote USA does not warrant coatings on Golf Clubs, for obvious reasons.

If by chance the coating on your item does peel, crack, chip or flake off, Cerakote USA’s only obligation under this warranty will be to recoat the item for free.

If you have a warranty claim, please call Cerakote USA for instructions before shipping. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

We do not guarantee other Cerakote applicators work, sounds strange to tell you that, but we do get calls asking if we will redo other applicators work because its terrible. Sorry, we only warrant the work Cerakote USA does.