Our Certified Cerakote Application Services

Firearm Coating

Owning your own firearm grants an irreplaceable sense of pride, especially when your firearm’s appearance looks as good as it feels in your hands. At Cerakote USA, we help firearm owners protect and enhance their firearms with certified Cerakote application services.

coatings give your firearm a distinct, sleek appearance and provide a wealth of other benefits such as greater longevity, better heat resistance, stronger impact strength, and more. Take your firearm ownership to the next level with professional coatings from Cerakote USA.

Coating Applications for

Industrial Equipment

Cerakote USA can help improve the appearance and durability of more than just firearms. As experienced coating industry experts, our team can also coat a wide range of equipment from many different manufacturing and retail industries. Our ceramic coatings can help your equipment survive extreme heat conditions, and provides abrasion resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.

These coatings make an ideal addition to equipment motors, automobile radiators and pistons, and other essential components regularly experiencing temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F. You won’t find a better coating for heat resistance than Cerakote.

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We’re proud of the work we do at Cerakote USA, and we believe that the results speak for themselves. Check out our portfolio of completed firearm projects.

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